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Forest Fires/ Wildfires

Gila County’s forestry, altitude, and climate put it at high risk for wildfires. In the summer, this risk grows exponentially with the parched soil, higher winds, and dry foliage. It is important to follow both Gila County and Tonto National Forest fire restrictions at all times. These can limit or restrict campfires, fireworks, smoking, and other activities — and also save lives.

Gila County has created a Northern Wildfire Protection Plan and Southern Wildfire Protection Plan to maximize public safety and ensure best practices and communications protocols among responding authorities. Additional resources can be found at the National Fire Protection Agency’s website at and, including information on National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, which occurs every May.

During the Season
  • Prepare your home and the area (within 30 feet) around it for fire season by removing stray brush, debris, propane canisters, yard chemicals, combustible fabrics (i.e., sun shades made of polyester fibers), and anything else that may serve as an ignition or fuel source.

  • Report any incidence of illegal outdoor burning or firework activity to your local fire department.

  • Review your family communications plan to make sure you have evacuation guidelines in the event of a fire.

During a Wildfire
  • Stay informed of fire stage by using social media, weather alerts, television news, and radio.

  • Follow instructions from local officials.

  • Call the fire department immediately if you see flames or witness lightning strike damage. Do not try to extinguish a large fire yourself.

For post-fire support, download: