COVID19 Hotline (928)910-4009Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

Arizona state, county, and local agencies work on an ongoing basis with national authorities to protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks and events. Help from the general public is crucial. To keep your community safe, it is key to recognize and report any suspicious behavior immediately by calling 911 or visiting

Report any of the following:
  • Surveillance: Persons taking video recordings, photographs, notes, maps, or binoculars near government buildings or major facilities (especially when not in operation)

  • Suspicious Questioning: Persons attempting to gain information in person, by phone, mail, email, etc. regarding a key facility or people who work there

  • Tests of Security: Attempts to penetrate or test physical security or procedures at a key facility/event

  • Acquiring Supplies: Attempting to acquire explosives, weapons, ammunition, dangerous chemicals, uniforms, badges, flight manuals, access cards, or IDs for a key facility/event

  • Suspicious Persons: Anyone who does not appear to belong in the workplace, neighborhood, business establishment, or near a key facility or event

  • “Dry Runs”: Behavior that appears to be preparation for a terrorist act, such as mapping out routes, playing out scenarios with other people, monitoring key facilities/events, timing traffic lights or traffic flow, or other suspicious activities

  • Deploying Assets: Abandoned vehicles, stockpiling of suspicious materials, or persons being deployed near a key facility/event