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Plans for Infants & Children

If babies or children are part of your immediate or extended family, your Ready Kits and Family Emergency Plan should plan for their care. Pack materials and food they will need, and don’t forget to include items that will help comfort them. A weather or emergency situation can be very scary for young children.

For your Ready Kits, pack:
Infant Nutrition:

nursing supplies, formula, pre-packaged baby food, bottles and nipples, powdered milk

Medical Needs:

infant/child fever reducer, rash ointment, any necessary medications

Comfort Items:

stuffed animal, doll, pacifier, blanket

Personal Hygiene:

baby wipes, diapers, nursing pads

Children’s Activities::

books, puzzles, games

Medical Records:

A medical condition or special need can be difficult to manage during a hazard. Get copies of and maintain electronic and printed versions of all health records. Health and Human Services has an online tool to help locate and access electronic health records from a variety of sources. Visit: